Support Your Immune System To be Winter Ready.


Colder Days Are Coming, Are you ready?

The summer is becoming a distant memory as the days draw shorter and the temperature drops but it brings with it the fun of Halloween, Bonfire night and of course Christmas. But it also brings with it greater challenges on our well-being. By taking steps now to support your immune system you could help make your winter months less hospitable to germs.

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Your immune system is the body’s defence against disease, designed to recognise and kill bacteria, viruses, parasites, tumour cells, microorganisms that would otherwise harm your bodies. The harsh reality of modern lifestyles means that this system is often compromised leading to the body’s inability to perform its role effectively. Reducing your stress, improving the quality of your sleep, supporting your diet and improving your gut health are all areas to address. But before we get to any of these we have several external routes to consider. 

Skin, Your First Line of Defence

Skin takes a battering from both external and internal elements during the winter months but this is our protective layer against bacteria and infection. By moisturising both your skin and your lips it minimises the risk of drying, cracking and splitting, all of which weaken the protective layer. 

Help protect your skin by keeping it well hydrated, drink a minimum of 2 litres of water a day, hydration is a vital part of keeping your systems functioning well as your body is 70% water. Also using essential oils such as Lavender, Frankincense, Geranium, Sandalwood, Helichrysum can help keep your healthy skin.

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Stay Hydrated

Getting the right nutrients on board is vital for keeping our systems functioning well. And vitamin D has a significant role to play in supporting your immune system. Whilst you can get small quantities from food and supplements by far the best way to top up is through the skin. Make the most of the sunny days by getting out into nature, especially as the days shorten and the sun is not so strong. This vitamin also plays an important role in mood, SAD’s is not uncommon during the winter months, so it is worth considering topping up with a good quality, bioavailable supplement.

The skin and especially soles of your feet is always a great way to use essential oils. Within 2 minutes they are in your blood stream and in 20 minutes they have reached every system in your body, along the spine, on the back of the neck are additional sites to apply the oils. By choosing oils such as OnGuard with its blend of antibacterial, anti fungal and antiviral properties or blending 2 -4 drops each of Black Pepper and Tea Tree you can support your body in its defence of seasonal germs.

Don’t Overlook Your Throat

Tucked at the back of your throat should be two tonsils, if you haven’t had them removed, these are another line of defence for your immune system. Designed to catch bacteria that enters our system via the mouth keeping them in good order is very beneficial. For those of you that have had them removed, this includes me, this is now a weak point in your immunity. This is where I have found the essential oils invaluable, I roll some oils on to my throat area or gargle with a drop of OnGuard at the first sign of soreness to help support the elimination of the threat. 

When choosing high quality, pure essential oils such as doTERRA you can also choose to take them internally. Here is a blend I like to take at the first hint of anything nasty, couple of doses and it’s gone.

Cold & Flu Bomb

1 drop Frankincense

1 drop Lemon

1 drop OnGuard

1 drop Oregano

1 drop Tea Tree

Add to an empty veggie cap and take every 3 to 4 hours while symptoms continue.

Have You Considered Your Nose?

How sore does will your nose get this winter? The nose is a route by which viruses can find their way into your body and of course they are the preferred route out if it takes hold. Acting as a filter it removes the dust and germs firstly through all the fine hairs but then there is always a layer of mucus that acts like a fly paper trapping and expelling germs before they reach the lungs.

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How sore is your nose?

But the nose is also a great route in for supportive essential oils, helping to kill the germs as well as strengthening your lungs. Choose from OnGuard, the protective blend, Basil, Black Pepper, Cinnamon, Copaiba, Frankincense, Peppermint, Siberian Fir, Tea Tree, Thyme, Turmeric are all great options. For me Air, the respiratory blend is is my oil of choice, I love to use a drop of this in my hand for helping to keep my sinuses clear.

The Essential Oil of Choice for Immune Support

Packed full of supportive goodness. Wild Orange as an antioxidant, Clove bud for anti-fungal, Black Pepper as an antiseptic, Cinnamon Bark for antibacterial, Eucalyptus Leaf for antiviral, Oregano Leaf for antibacterial, Rosemary Leaf as a decongestant, Melissa Leaf for antiviral to name just a few of their individual properties, OnGuard is definitely one of the best oils you can have in your collection to support you through the winter months. 

It comes in a number of different forms to suit all our needs, a 15ml bottle of oil to add to your diffusers, your flu bomb, your hot chocolate. It comes in a handy roller ball for applying to the bottom of our feet or to our throat area. Plus it also comes as a soft gel making it an easy addition to your daily routine. There are lozenges or beadles to pop in your bag when you are out and about. There is also the hand wash, toothpaste, cleaner concentrate, laundry liquid and hand sanitiser, all aimed at keeping you and your home well supported.

Don’t wait for the germs to catch you this winter, take action now and enjoy better well-being. Enjoy snuggling up under a blanket watching a movie for the pleasure of it and not because you haven’t got the capacity to do anything else.

Never used essential oils before or didn’t realise that you could use them to support your well-being rather than just making your house smell nice! Come and join one of our online classes, enjoy some samples of the oils and learn how to use them during a one hour Facebook live. Or if you prefer book a 1 to 1 well-being consultation and we can look at how the oils could support your particular needs.


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