Take control over your own health with Reflexology & Aromatouch

In a busy world it can be very easy to forget about looking after you. But this is a vital step in a journey towards better well-being. Informed self-care is recognising that you need to be pro-active in your health, you need to be in control.


5 tips to a wellness lifestyle

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He who has health, has hope; and he who has hope has everything.
Thomas Carlyle

I care about your health and well being

Here at Lavender Tree Therapies we like to take a holistic approach to your well-being, holistic meaning ‘whole’. Everything within the body works together and through holistic therapies and natural remedies we can help support the body back into a place of balance and harmony.

Reflexology Bridgenorth

Reflexology & Aromatouch

Reflexology and AromaTouch are non-invasive complementary therapies, which makes them accessible to most people. Both involve light touch and are combined with doTERRA essential oils for a more effective and pleasurable treatment.

The human touch has been show to:

Take time out for you and benefit your health.

I have been with Julie from the start of her training and love my reflexology sessions and the guidance on using the doTERRA oils which I use on a daily basis. My general health is much better since starting reflexology, especially my sinuses. It always amazes me what Julie can tell me about my health just by feet!! I can not recommend Julie enough not only is she my reflexologist but now my therapist and friend.