Take control over your own health naturally

Does your life feel out of balance? Are you feeling stressed and tired? Are you struggling with aches and pains or battling with depression and anxiety? Here at my Kidderminster based clinic I combine Reflexology treatments and doTERRA essential oils to help support your body systems, ease ailments and enhance your health and well-being.


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I care about your health and well being

Here at Lavender Tree Therapies we would like to introduce you to a more holistic way of living. We would love to help you to take control over your own health and well-being naturally by introducing you to Reflexology and Essential oils.


An ancient treatment that works  predominantly on the feet but can also be done on the hands and face. By stimulating reflex points found on your feet that correspond to different systems and organs we can encourage the body to increase blood flow to vital areas, clear blocked pathways, restore balance and heal itself.

Essential Oils

An Essential Oil is a naturally occurring volatile aromatic compound found in seeds, bark, roots, flowers and other parts of a plant. It is the plants protection against the environmental threats as well as playing a role in plant pollination. Correctly sourced these intrinsic benefits along with the beautiful fragrances bring us a product that we can use for a wide range of emotional and physical wellness applications. They have long been used in food preparations, beauty treatments and health care practices.

I had my first reflexology session with Julie just before lockdown this year and found it to be a very relaxing treatment (for someone who has never liked having her feet touched this was a huge feat for me). Having now returned to routine I am back having my weekly sessions and am finding them very beneficial, not only does it give me the opportunity to switch off and relax for an hour but Julie is a natural therapist who combines her skills as a Reflexologist with the use of natural oils.

--Adrienne Potter

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