Is Reflexology For Me?

Some of you may be thinking is reflexology for me? Well that’s an easy one to answer I believe, my response would be a resounding yes. Just as we love to go for a massage, or to get our nails done, visit the hair dressers or guys perhaps you would prefer fishing. All of these are things we like to do because they relax us or make us feel good, Reflexology is no different.

Some of you may be thinking is reflexology for me? Well that’s an easy one to answer I believe, my response would be a resounding yes.

Enjoy a nice soothing foot soak before relaxing back on the treatment couch, you can even snuggle under a soft fluffy throw if you feel the need. You might be thinking but I hate having my feet touched how could I possibly relax! I’ll let you into a little secret I have a number of clients who have said just that and before too long their breathing has softened and maybe even a gentle snore escapes their lips. As you relax you can escape in your mind to a place of your making, a gentle stroll through the dappled sunshine coming in amongst the trees or maybe you would prefer to be enjoying the warm sun on a beautiful Mediterranean beach, tease your mind away to wherever you would like to be. This deep level of relaxation is great for reducing your stress levels, lowering your blood pressure and for some a place where they can even let go of trapped emotions from the past, the deeper the relaxation the more effective the treatment.
Reflexology although only know under that name in more recent times has actually been around for centuries! Images have been found within egyptian tombs depicting foot therapy and there are recordings in China as far back as 2330 B.C. The form in which we recognise it today came about following the re-discovery of a form of systemised foot therapy by Dr William Fitzgerald who called it Zone Therapy and drew it to the attention of the medical world between 1915 and 1917. It was in 1915 that an article entitled “To stop that toothache, squeeze your toe” was published in “Everybody’s Magazine”, written by Edwin Bowers, which first brought Dr Fitzgerald’s work on Zone Therapy before the public.

Reflexology is considered a holistic therapy, holistic meaning whole, using a technique that applies gentle pressure to your feet (or hands) to bring about a state of relaxation and help the body’s own healing process. Reflexology works in a similar way to acupressure and acupuncture. Certain points on your feet and hands and even your ears correspond to the organs, systems and glands in the body so by pressing and massaging these points it can stimulate blood flow through these pathways in the body.

A treatment is different for everyone but you may notice points on your feet that feel tender or sensitive or it maybe you experience a sensation in other parts of your body. As the therapist I may find little bubbles or crystal within the foot or hand. These can all indicate that an area of your body is possibly out of balance but the hope is that by pressing the points and working them gently we can encourage your body to kickstart its own natural healing powers, unblocking the pathways and allowing the body to restore its balance. 

A natural therapy that will work with your body, a therapy that is noninvasive but rather just incredibly relaxing? A treatment that can help improve your sleep, detox your body, strengthen your immune system, calm your mind and improve your energy. Now maybe you understand just a little of why I can say with a resounding yes that reflexology is for you. Why not book yourself a reflexology treatment I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.


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