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If you ever think about giving up….

I think we can all say we have thought about giving up and on some occasions have but how amazing does it feel when you push through.

When you make it to the other side!

Giving up can apply to anything in life. Family, friends, business, health, work

We find ourselves in the middle of a crazy situation and so many people are struggling.

Overnight life became so isolating! Locked down in our homes, minimal movement outside except for exercise once a day or a trip to the supermarket. Zoom became everybody’s best friend but whilst it is great to have some connection it just isn’t the same as being physically in the room together. Touch is such a basic human instinct and being disconnected from it is going to have an impact on our well-being.

We now find ourselves in our third lockdown! Winter is a time that already has such a negative impact on people, the isolation, the loneliness, mental health, SAD’s! The whole pandemic was already taking such a massive toll on mental health, suicides rising at an alarming rate and here we were, decisions being made that were going to light the touchpaper of an even bigger problem.

Many may have already felt at the end of themselves before this started!

Mental health conditions have been on the rise for a number of years now, why? I believe that that are two key areas that have contributed, the breakdown in family life and community, the 21st century diet.

Many more are now in the position of wanting to just give up. Overwhelming feelings of despair, failure, shame!

Please don’t!

Reach out to someone you trust.

Please keep pushing!

We are naturally sociable creatures but modern living has created a culture of independent living, the desire to make it on your own, to go where the job takes you. The ease of divorce has seen a massive break down in families with many children now being raised by a single parent. Family should be our support network but how hard has this become?

Community, what does that mean to you? One good thing to initially come out of the pandemic was some rebuilding of community. Let’s begin to rebuild relationships with our neighbours, stop and chat, watch out for each others kids, go ask for a cup of sugar. 

Tribal communities have a saying ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ this is family, community, this is how we stop being lonely and isolated. It starts with us, with you and me!

This competitive, independent living plays a big part in the stress most of us live under. Stress is a significant player in causing mental health problems. How can you help manage that stress? Remove unnecessary activities from your life, separate yourself from people or situations that have a negative effect on your mood, seek out positive situations, create a positive support network, improve your diet, improve your sleep, increase relaxing activities such as walking, hot baths, yoga, meditation and prayer, consider therapy. Don’t try and do them all at once, add in one at a time so as not to overwhelm yourself.

Diet! Well, this has been on the decline since the 50’s. Did you know the fruit and vegetables we each are about 50% less nutrient rich than they were back then? Then there is all the sugar in our diet, the processed foods, the beige diet, the fast food. Your digestive health, your gut in particular plays a significant role in producing 80% of Seratonin, your mood hormone. Overhauling your diet and increasing your vitamin, mineral and nutrient intake can help improve your mental health.

Essential oils are a fantastic natural resource when it comes to supporting your mental health. Smell is a powerful tool that is deeply connected with our emotions and our memories. Frankincense is a natural anti-depressant and teams up beautifully with oils such as lavender and wild orange, each can have a significant impact on calming our stress, balancing our emotions and lifting our mood. 

If you ever think about giving up, remember why you have held on for so long!

Dig deep inside you.

Find your ‘why’ a reason to keep pushing. A partner, children, a dream…..

When you read about people who are survivors of unthinkable situations they will tell you of something that kept them going, their why.  

Make that why into something physical to carry around with you, write it down, carry a photo….

Something to remind you of why you should carry on.

Think of the things you are grateful for and focus on those, focus on your why.

Journaling is a great way to process this gratitude. A positive reminder to keep going.

Start reminding yourself that you are worthy, I know this may be hard if all you have ever been told is you aren’t good enough but this was just an opinion of another broken human being.

Don’t listen to those negative thoughts and feelings! They are lies from your emotions, lies that others may have spoken over you. They are not fact!

Slowly these things will begin to help. You will have bad days, slightly better days and maybe you will have good days.

Celebrate your achievements no matter how small.

And remember things will always come to an end. 

Imagine how incredible it will feel, celebrate the sense of achievement, celebrate the victory, celebrate the new person you have become!

If this is something you are struggling with please reach out to me, send me a message. I would love to send you a sample of Wild Orange essential oil that can help lift your mood, calm your mind and support you in your journey.

Unsure about what an essential oil is take a look at my last blog


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