The Amazing Health Benefits Of Doterra Essential Oils


How quickly time moves on! The long days and the warmth of the summer sun are becoming a distant memory. Autumn firmly has its grip on us as the trees change their colours and leaves begin to fall so to do the temperatures! Before we know it winter will be on our doorstep and Christmas carols we be on our lips.

How do you find this significant change of seasons affects on your health and well-being? The threat of seasonal allergies is generally left behind with the summer and instead the coughs and sniffles have arrived. With all the fears of 2020 and the coronavirus the onset of winter colds brings heightened feelings. Then of course for some it is the affects that the shorter hours of daylight bring.
With the onset of any of these symptoms do you reach for over the counter medication? For so many of us that is all we know and up until 2 years ago I had no knowledge or experience of any other way. For centuries people turned to nature to supply the treatments they needed in the form of herbs, tinctures, essential oils and more. However, the first synthetic drug, chloral hydrate, was discovered in 1869 and introduced as a sedative-hypnotic. The first pharmaceutical companies were spin-offs from the textiles and synthetic dye industry and owe much to the rich source of organic chemicals derived from the distillation of coal (coal-tar). The first analgesics and antipyretics, exemplified by phenacetin and acetanilide, were simple chemical derivatives of aniline and p-nitrophenol, both of which were byproducts from coal-tar. At the start of the twentieth century, the first of the barbiturate family of drugs entered the pharmacopoeia. Whilst many would agree these medications have brought some outstanding achievements in health advancement, we are also now finding that there are many negative implications as well.

How can we support our immune system and give ourselves a greater chance of fighting off these seasonal threats naturally? Here are just a few that can help get you started.

Getting out into nature and as much as is possible at this time of year, take on board some of your vitamin D supply by making the most of the winter sun. Vitamin D is an important factor in strengthening our immunity and against SADS. Fresh air, exercise, and sun are also great at helping to reduce our stress levels. Stress has a negative effect our immunity, so anything you can do to reduce it is good. Consider yoga or Pilates, take up a craft such as painting or crocheting, or enjoy regular times of self-care when you put you first.
Overhauling your diet can make a significant impact. Include plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, preferably organic and the colours of a rainbow, avoid processed foods and try to reduce potential intolerance foods such as gluten and dairy. Your guy health is responsible for about 70% of your immunity, so strengthen it as much as possible with the help of probiotic foods and excellent quality supplements.
Sleep is important when supporting good immunity, so takes steps to improve it as much as possible. Introducing good night time routines like turning off your technology early, avoiding late night eating or drinking, enjoy a relaxing Epsom salts bath with a few of your favourite essential oils, reducing your lighting so that your melatonin levels rise plus try to have a regular bedtime and getting up time.
Have you considered holistic treatments such as reflexology which helps encourage good digestion, heart function, liver and kidney function and dramatically helps to reduce your stress levels, it can also encourage your body to heal itself.
Look to reduce the toxins within the products you use in your personal care routines and within your home. These create significant stress on your body, congest your liver and weaken your immune system. Rather use all natural products, especially those containing essential oils that help support our system in its fight against bugs and germs.
Essential oils are a very beneficial support in helping your body in its immunity battle. Oils such as clove, oregano, lemon, frankincense, tea tree, DoTERRA’s OnGuard and many more. You can use these topically, aromatically and when buying CPTG oils, internally as well.
These are just a few quick tips that can have a significant difference, but if you would like any more information on any of the suggestions, please get in touch via our contact page.


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